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Client Testimonials

Reviews of Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency

“Thanks for working with us so well - you made the whole process easy!”
– Bill A., Adidas

“I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how simple you made my job. I hired all the models online from my home office in Sweden, in my pajamas!”
– Tobias N., Ohlins Racing

“Everything went perfect - thanks!”
– Derold Z., Reebok

“You got us everything we needed on such short notice. Thanks!”
– Victoria T., CBS Television

“Sunshine Productions was professional all the way and was a tremendous resource for securing models on such short notice. They walked me through the process and made recommendations based on our needs. It was great having pictures to select from and then being able to handle everything over the phone. The models were wonderful - reliable and really hardworking. They were enthusiastic and interacted with the kids just great at our NBA Experience. The best money we spent on the trade show was hiring models. They were terrific.”
– Terry L., Panini America Inc.

“I hired models online from Tacoma, WA using Sunshine Modeling and was very happy with the entire experience. From the initial phone call to the selection process, to the models who showed up to work, to the invoicing, everything was so well organized and well run. Kudos to everyone at this spectacular agency, and thanks especially to Steve Williams, and the owner (Norm) who were so helpful and patient with a client that was new to all of this. They made everything easy for us, and we really appreciate all their help.”
– Katherine F., Finsh Line

“Used Sunshine Productions to hire models this past weekend at a convention - we needed five (three girls and two guys) who could represent our company well, be able to interact with our customers and look great. They made the whole process easy and the agency fee (15%) is lower than I used to have to spend. This allows me to have a little higher budget and get exactly who I want. This is the third time I have used them for hiring models and each time was great - When I'm in Dallas I wouldn't use anyone else.”
– Geoff W., Beretta USA

“This agency gets five stars, tho I only give Fox Sports one star. We contacted Sunshine in January to hire models for a hospitality event, taking place Super Bowl Week in Arlington Tx. They spent hours getting everything in place, and could not have been any more organized and helpful. Then the Ice Age came, and our event got cancelled by Fox, even tho the roads were passable and there were plenty of other events going off as planned. Sunshine not only didn't scream at me for cancelling at the last minute, they even refunded our deposit, which was substantial, and they had every right to keep (it was even mentioned in the contract). They have made a customer for life and I'll definitely use them again in the future. So sorry, but thanks!”
– Tony G, Fox Sports

“I used this agency to hire models for our events at the Super Bowl in Arlington. I found them to be first class all the way. Great models and great service.”
– Grant S., Russell Athletic

“I am in Dallas to arrange our company's events for Super Bowl. We were given a list of modeling agencies in this area, and after googling them all I decided to try Sunshine Productions first. I normally work the Miami market and my experience with this agency was something I have never seen in Florida. The staff was very friendly and really so very accommodating and we were able to easily look at the portfolios of potential hires without me having to set a day aside to audition them. I only wish they had a branch in Florida!”
– Steve D., Sony USA

“Great agency - great models - great prices - low commission fees, Very professional. Pleasure to deal with.”
– Bar G., Hooters Corporate

“Loved the interface on your website. You really streamlined the process, and made it easy to choose which were the best models for our needs without us having to take the time to set up in-person auditions.”
– Janine R., National Best Sports

“The kids you sent were even better than we'd hoped for. They were so well behaved, and all did a wonderful job.”
– Chris B., E Instruction

“We have never worked with such a responsive agency - you made our hiring easy.”
– Stan R., Hathaway

“You're a pleasure to work with - you've become our new "go to agency" in Dallas/Ft. Worth!”
– Laura O., Portrait EFX

“You have so many cute girls with great personalities. They all did a great job.”
– Holly R., Texas Motorplex

“We took in TEN times the normal number of business cards this convention. The models paid for themselves many times over. I couldn't be happier.”
– Stan J., MIFAB

“Using real models instead of just pretty employees made a huge difference in the success of our annual Golf extravaganza. They just seemed to put everyone into a fun mood.”
– Harvey B., Spirit Health Care

“Thanks again for the great models - they learned so much during their brief training, our customers thought they were full time employees!”
– James S., American Eurocopter

“An incredible selection of beautiful models.”
– Beth R., Draper's & Damon's Women's Fashion

“Thanks for the great models. Your website is awesome!”
– Nao O., Big Baby Inc.

“Sunshine Productions models were as beautiful as our arrangements. Kudos to Norm and Steve for fabulous customer service, and getting us just what we needed. ”
– Mary S.,

“For the first time ever, my boss approved enough budget for us to hire professional models for our Fall Fashion Show in Dallas. We had been using our own employees, and to be honest, it was never good enough. We finally saw the light, went online and found Sunshine Productions through the Texas Department of Licensing & Registration, and checked them out through the Better Business Bureau (perfect record, BTW). We spoke several times over the phone, hired them all from here in Oklahoma City, and when we came into town, the models who we hired were there to work, beautiful and prepared (nice change from the normal chaos!). Everyone did a great Job, especially Amanda, (who was so adorable!) We would use them again in a heartbeat!”
– Giselle J., Anneff & Dorrell - Singapore

“Thank you thank you thank you!!! This agency saved my A**! I went through a Dallas agency to hire models last weekend for a fashion show at Dallas Trade Center and two out of the eight models did not show up. I called the "agency" and got nothing but voicemail options. In desperation I googled Modeling Agencies in Dallas and found this agency. I called Sunshine even though they were based in Tarrant County. They answered the phone on the weekend, directed me to their website and gave me literally hundreds of choices. I told them who I wanted, and they were able to get one model out there the same day, and both out there the next day, with no problems. I am really grateful and impressed.”
– Lea W., Route 22

“Awesome agency - great models and wonderful customer service. I have used every agency in the southwest to hire models since 1995 and this agency schools all of them.”
– Dannie R., Weiss Fashion

“I was informed at the last minute that our company needed to use live models at the NBA experience at the Dallas Convention Center on All Star Weekend. We contacted Sunshine Productions in a panic, but they treated us like we were old friends and valued customers. They provided great models at a reasonable rate, and had first class customer service. THANK YOU!!!”
– Ronnette W., JAMS

“When it became part of my job description to hire models for events in North Texas I had no idea where to turn. I Googled modeling agencies in DFW and Sunshine Productions came up first. Their website completely blew me away - I had no idea models were promoted this way. It was super simple to pick who we liked and they were very nice helping us keep within budget. A special thanks to Norm, who helped this total newbie every step of the way and made me look like a hero to my boss. A+ all the way around.”
– Jan S., Harrington Club

“It's not easy to find a beautiful young model who is willing to dress up like a giant bug for an outdoors show. We were able to find one (the lovely Shelby, who was really a great sport) and she was the hit of our show. Thanks!”
– B.J. M., Nations Best Sports (NBS)

“I am responsible for the hiring of models for my company. We had a show in Dallas/fort Worth at the end of this month and I called all of the agencies listed through TDLR. The only one that called us back the same day was this agency. We worked for hours with them to get the models needed, and they were thoroughly professional. Everyone came in on time (iincluding one early day that started at 7 AM) and did a great job. Will certainly use Sunshine next year.”
– Paul W., Jantzen Sports

“Awesome experience - models, prices, service all top notch”
– Star L., Foursquare

“Great, great agency! Would use them to hire models again in a second! They saved me from hours of work to get models hired for a Christmas show, and everyone was just fantastic. Thanks a million!”
– Stan J., Christmas Tree Stores

“We used this agency for the first time last weekend and it was great. completely different experience than other agencies we've used in the past. They were incredibly well organized and the models were really prepared. No one showed up late or acted like a diva. We are quite impressed.”
– Anna L., Cherchez

“I needed models for a catalogue shoot, and the best of the bunch to do a commercial. I had never hired models from a modeling agency before, using our own employees. When our home office complained that the catalogues looked "too flat" they suggested we use real models and the difference was just amazing. The guys and girls showed up on time, ready to work and looking great. It was obvious right away that they were pros and the shoots went off without a hitch. My bosses are happy, so I'm happy.”
– Don C., Fashion1

“My company needed to hire models for a "Gremlins & Goblins" show at World Trade Center in Dallas in preparation for our Halloween line of childrens costumes and seasonal wear. We were unhappy with the quality of the children we had been getting in the past three or four shows and decided to spend the money to use a modeling agency this time around. WOW - what a difference! The kids were just fantastic, well behaved and they seemed like they had actually been in front of the camera before! No fooling around, no tantrums, no wardrobe problems, no wasted time at all. I am really pleased with Sunshine Productions and will certainly use them in the future.”
– Danny S., Halloween City

“I have hired models from every agency in the Southwest US and have never found a better one than Sunshine. They are right on top of absolutely every detail and give us the best communication we have ever had. Their staff is always friendly and helpful, and don't even get me started on their website. We used to have to do auditions when we came into Dallas Fort Worth for model shows and now all we have to do is pick them off the web. The photos are large and beautiful and they really show off the different personalities of the models. In short they make my job easy.”
– Bobbie W., Just Add Water

“At the suggestion of a colleague I just used this modeling agency for the first time and was very pleased. I had a great deal of models to choose from and the internet interface was clear and well organized. I was happy with my choices, and the models were prepared and professional. Compared to the agencies I used in the past there was no comparison. They are the best by a country mile.”
– Franz K., Brands4Friends

“I just used this agency for the first time to book models for the National Sports and Outdoors show at the Fort Worth Convention center. I have used other agencies in the past and was not satisfied at all, so I tried Sunshine since they are the only licensed agency in Tarrant County (home county of this show). We are located in Seattle Washington and didn't have the time to send out anyone to audition models, so we had to hire them online, and we have never seen an agency with so many choices as this one. We got all our top choices, and the agency fee was the lowest we have ever paid. I will use them again next year and have already recommended them to our colleagues. Thanks for the great models and service.”
– Ken M., National Sports and Outdoors

“Our company needed to hire judges for a pageant in Dallas last month and we spoke to all the agencies in North Texas. We needed two judges to work our event, and had a quite lengthy application for them to fill out, and we checked their qualifications to the best of our ability. Out of all the agencies, Sunshine Productions was the most responsive, and had the best qualifications to do the kind of job we needed for our contestants. They were more than kind to all the girls, and gave a tremendous amount of their time and knowledge to make our event more successful. I want to especially thank Norm and Steve, without whose help our jobs would have been much more difficult. They were great, and their agency was a godsend. Thanks for the wonderful service and professionalism!!”
– Ann B., Texas Pageant Expo

“We just finished our spring market shows and used Sunshine Productions to provide models for the first time. We had used another agency in the past and had nothing but problems with both the agency and the models. Too much disorganization and too much drama. Sunshine had none of that. Concise, well run conversations, and we did all the hiring online. Saved lots of time and the girls were first rate. Reasonable agency fees and excellent customer service. We will definitely use them again next October.”
– Lance M., Manion's

“Used this agency to hire models for a trade show in Dallas this month. Never used live models until last fall and saw how much more business I did having models draw customers in and get some buzz going for my business. The money I spent on the models was made back tenfold at least - I took in at least that many more business cards than the show the previous year I attended without models. Definitely worth the expense, and the models were trained well and very personable (not to mention how good they looked). Great personal communication on the phone, and excellent follow up - they called me during the day of the show to make sure everyone arrived on time and was to our liking. I give them extra points for replacing a model who turned an ankle at the last minute with no problem. Very impressive company.”
– Chang M., Online Sourcing Fair

“We use Sunshine for catalogue models in Dallas. Great agency - great models - great prices - they make it easy! Will definitely use again!”
– Michael C.,

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