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Reviews From Models and Their Families

Here are reviews that models and their families have posted about Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency:

Our grandbaby modeled with Sunshine several years ago and we were very pleased with their service and professionalism. She is now an older child, and as they promised they kept her portfolio updated at no charge. Between the jobs that she booked as a baby and the few she has gotten recently, we have enjoyed the process immensely and think it has been good for her social development. She is much less shy around strangers and other new children than her brothers and sisters, and is always smiling. Kudos to a company who does just what they promise, and has always been courteous and polite to us, even though we are not very computer literate, and only recently got email. We are a bit behind the technological curve, and they have always been most patient with us as we learn how to use websites and emails. We are looking forward to her doing well with them in the future.

Cameron K.

We have been with Sunshine Productions for several years, as they originally represented our daugher as a child, and have booked her for jobs since 2003. She took a break when she was 13, as her complexion became a little rough, and her braces were quite prominent. At Steve's suggestion, we got her on ProActiv and switched her from metal braces to invisalign a few months ago. She is now listed with the adults, and we redid her pictures to show her as she currently looks. Britt was a little nervous, since she hadn't done any modeling in almost 3 years, but it was just like getting back on a bike. Norm was super nice, gave her wonderful new photos at a great price, and we are so excited to have her back working with Sunshine!

Darla M.

We wanted to get our son Constantine into modeling and after a long time researching, and several offers, we decided to go with Sunshine Productions. We were very impressed with the photographer Don Stevens and Norms staff. When we saw the photos we were absolutely blown away! We couldn't believe how amazing they looked!! Don is so good at what he does, and we were lucky to have the privilege to work with him, and to be working with Sunshine Productions! From early on Norm was very flexible and able to work with us and meet our needs. I Was very grateful for everything Norm did and all the help he gave us. There is no doubt in my mind about his high quality of work, level of experience and his ability to use it to benefit each client!

Shirley M.

Great agency - great photographers - great jobs. I have been with them for 8 months and worked print and runway jobs, I love it! I am going to Galveston later this month to do a cruise line ad, they pay for everything. I couldnt be happier and I owe it to Sunshine Modeling cuz they got me started. Thanks!

Rachel P.

Sunshine Productions was the natural choice to represent my 9 month old daughter Jocelyn as they are the only agency in my area with a focus on representing babies. My experience has been wonderful working with Norm, Steven, and Don. My emails and phone calls are answered quickly and thoroughly. Norm explained every step of this new adventure and answered every single one of my questions before we got started. We were able to come up with creative solutions to maximize Jocelyn's exposure while keeping our budget in mind. Norm is a very genuine person who is highly interested in the success of the models he represents. Sunshine Productions is also the only local agency who represents females under 5'8,'' which Jocelyn is likely to fit into as she grows up, both my husband and I are slightly 'vertically challenged!' Sunshine Productions sets the standard of prompt professionalism and I wish them many years of continued success. I trust them with my child and would highly recommend anyone else to do the same.

Dr. Jessica A.

For years people have told my daughter that she should consider modeling. A few months ago she decided to do some looking around because she thought that it could be a fun way to make some pocket money while she attends college. Her biggest problem was that she's not tall enough to even be considered by most modeling agencies in our area. We were so excited to see that Sunshine Productions will accept "petite" models! Even so we were still quite careful in our decision to jump in and give this a try. We selected them only after doing an extreme amount of research online. The reviews we read were fantastic and we have found through our experience that we agree with the masses. My daughter emailed a photo to them and we heard back the very next day. After speaking with Norm by phone, we set a an appointment for the next week. He was very knowledgeable about he industry and what we needed to do to get started was clearly laid out on their website. He took time to get to know Becca and answer all of our questions along the way. As a mom I appreciate the way he looks out for his models. At the meeting he said that until she is 21 he wants a parent along at every shoot and that there were some jobs that he wouldn't allow her to do until she's older. Another thing that has impressed me most about Sunshine Productions is the individual attention and the way that they go above and beyond to work with you and help you get started. The cost of the portfolio shoot, although VERY reasonable, was out of reach for us. Norm helped us find a way to do it that we felt comfortable with. We settled on a mini shoot and not only were the pictures great, but she learned a lot from Norm in the limited time of the shoot. The most amazing part of our experience so far was that we heard from him the next day and her photos were already online!!! Sunshine Productions has so far been more than we could have hoped for from an agency and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Amy W.

After constantly being stopped while out and about with our son and told how cute he is we decided to register him with a modeling agency and share his cuteness. We did our research and came across Sunshine Productions. Their website shows all their models and you can tell from the photos in the portfolios that they do book jobs. This was one of the deciding factors for us in choosing to submit pictures of our son to them for appraisal. I called Sunshine Productions and spoke with Steve who I liked immediately and although I have not met him yet it was my conversation with him that was another deciding factor for me to submit photos of our son to this agency. He is extremely professional and such a friendlyand likeable guy. He is not short with you on the phone and takes the time to answer your questions. We had our first meeting with Norm who on feeling he could work with us and also liked Joshua then gave us contact details for a photographer he uses to take the portfolio photographs and asked us to get in touch with him and get his portfolio pictures shot. We met with Don and had a blast taking photos of Joshua in various different outfits. Josh enjoyed it and the resulting photographs are stunning. I have to say, that it is hard work, getting a baby to smile in unfamiliar surroundings but we got the job done and love the resulting photographs. The thing to remember here is that you don’t want the same facial expression in every photo so it really does not matter if you have some more serious pictures as this just shows that your child is not one dimentional and gives you a more interesting and versatile portfolio. Thanks Don you are awesome and a great person to work with. You did a great job with Josh and he definitely clicked with you. We hope to work with you again. Norm Sunshine is a great person to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable of this industry. He is very charismatic and professional and takes an interest in both the model and parents. He explains the industry at length to ensure you understand exactly what is required of you as parents of a baby model. You do not get the feeling that you are being rushed when you sit down to a meeting with him. He gives you his full attention and is open and honest about the industry. One of the most important things to take on board is not merely having a child clients want to book, it is important for the client and photographer to be able to work with the parents of that child. Norm, we enjoyed our meetings with you and are confident that we have our son with the right agency to book jobs.


My wife and I thoroughly researched every modeling agency in Texas for our daughter, before finally settling on this one at the beginning of this year. When we picked up her portfolio, which looked great, Mr. Sunshine asked me to write a review of his website but I decided to wait to see how things would go first. It's been a little over six months, and now I feel confident giving them a five star review. The training they provided was comprehensive, and it all came in handy in the first couple of jobs she worked. The money she received and her experiences were exactly how the agency described they would be. I have rarely dealt with a nicer or more organized and professional staff. They deliver just what they promised. We are totally satisfied and impressed.

Alejandro V.

Going into the modeling world is an unknown factor for many parents. My 16 year old daughter, Carlye, wanted to look into making her dream come true. When I first called Sunshine Productions in April Carlye had already been picked up by a reputable agency and did a professional photo shoot with them.. We had also met twice with another well known agency out of Houston and though they loved her, they wanted her to attend a very expensive camp without a promise of signing her. So we looked back at the first agency, but their terms of agreement were so technical that someone with a law degree would be the only one that could interpret their meaning. I have a Master's Degree in Education and even had trouble with the possible meanings. Meanwhile I starting looking in the yellow pages for modeling classes. Lord knows I wasn't going to throw Carlye out there without any knowledge when she got her first job. I found Sunshine Productions. I called and immediately spoke with Norm Sunshine. He was friendly and informative. I let him know immediately that Carlye had already been asked to sign with another agency and we were just looking for some classes. After speaking with him a few minutes, I felt comfortable enough to ask him some general questions about how agencies ran and what was expected. He explained so much to me in that one phone call that I definitely knew the original agency we had been thinking about signing with was not giving me all the info up front. Norm was very honest and excited about the modeling business. You can tell he has a real passion for the modeling industry and his models. After talking with Carlye, we decided to meet with Sunshine Productions. Norm Sunshine loved her so much he wanted to do the photo shoot himself, which was done within a few days. During the photo shoot she was given extensive instuction and learned all the aspects of different body and facial poses and how to handle herself at a large group photo shoot. In a few weeks, the photos were ready to go online. I can honestly say after much research on which agency to sign with, Carlye has found the right one for her. Their Terms of Agreement were clear, concise and easy to understand and were not pages of legal terminology. I feel Sunshine Productions will give her the opportunities she desires. She cannot wait to begin her career under their representation.


I was a model in San Francisco and Los Angeles and was forced to relocate to Dallas when my husband was transferred. I spoke to all the Texas modeling agencies before I moved here, and was the most impressed with this one. The conversations we had on the phone were so easy and professional, I felt very comfortable with them from the start. I met with them earlier this month and we have decided to work together. I had my portfolio prepared, which needed updating anyway since the last one was done in 2004 and I don't look the same. The difference between this portfolio and my last one is huge. Virtually all the pictures look like they could be magazine covers, which is my ultimate modeling goal. I will provide an update in the future when I see how things go. So far, though, so good. This agency knows its business.


I'm by nature a skeptical person. Maybe cynical should be a better description. I buy stocks, futures, options when everyone is saying not to buy and when the market or instrument is bleeding red. I've just learned that I make money not trusting what other people (read "experts") say. I don't do too many reviews online, and when I do, no one gets 5 stars. My wife found the owner of the company, Norm, while looking for a local modeling agency on the Internet. I even wondered if these reviews were real when researching Sunshine Productions for our 3 y/o son. However, I'd have to say that Sunshine Productions gets 5 stars. The reason is that everything that Norm has said/offered/mentioned to us has come true, and Norm was very upfront about expectations, costs, etc. This honesty is hard to come by these days. In addition, the extraordinary photos that were taken of our son were of unmatched, superior quality - down to the background colors matching our son's outfit. Also, the poses that they were able to capture out of our son were truly spontaneous and beautiful. As you know, not everything is perfect, and our son has not booked any jobs yet. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps firms don't need our son's look at this time. Maybe I should give Sunshine Productions 4 stars for this reason, but, again, the reason why I give Norm's company 5 stars is b/c everything that Norm has said to us has come true without any sugarcoating nor over-promising. Only time will tell if our son books his first gig or not. If he does, I will be back to update this review or add to the review. Bottom line: they will take beautiful photos for your portfolio of you or your child, bar none. After that, it is up to the firms to pick you or your child for a job. Recommended.

Phillip G.

We have recently gotten our son (5 years old next month) into modeling after he won a local mall model search. Two of the judges were from Sunshine Productions, and we were offered representation a few weeks later. We went through the process and were completely satisfied - everything went as explained. The photographer was extraordinary and the photos he took were really outstanding. His portfolio was exactly the size and price we wanted, and he has just booked his second job. The money was on the lower side of what we were told to expect ($325 per outfit, but he got three outfits), but he did great, and we hope he'll make more as he gets experience. All in all, we are really pleased, and so happy we found this agency.

Amber T.

I have worked with Sunshine Productions for many years and they have blessed me with nothing but success. This is an excellent talent agency! They are very professional as well caring- as you can see is the recipe for success. I would highly recommend Sunshine Productions to anyone wishing to pursue modeling. I am on page 1 of his female model listings - Check it out!


Our son just booked his first job with Sunshine and I am really excited and pleased. Our experience with the agency was absolutely first class and we have gotten so many fabulous comments about his portfolio from family and friends that our mailbox practically blew up! lol We were expecting great things based on all the research we did and the other reviews of this agency, but we were not expecting such a close personal touch with all involved. From the photographer (DON) to their marketing manager (STEVE) to the owner (NORM) everyone was SOOOO NICE! The first job we got came less than two weeks after his portfolio went online and the client was pleased and we were too. I wish we had found this agency sooner (we wasted lots of time and $$$ on JRP amnd Barbizon - no good). Steve asked us to review them so I am more than happy to do so!


I was really skeptical of any modeling agency but I have to add my 5 star rating to all the other ones. This agency really does it right. They were soooo nice and professional, and the photographer was very respectful, unlike what I went through in almost every other photo shoot. The photos they provided me were the best I've had so far, and the portfolio was really professional looking. I am pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to start working!!!


My daughter (15) has been bugging me to model since she started watching all the shows on TV and we agreed to let her try it if she kept her grades up and got involved in positive activities. She held up her end of the bargain so we kept ours. My wife did EXHAUSTIVE research on all the agencies in Texas and found Sunshine was the only one that represented girls of her height (5' 6"). We checked BBB and other review sites, and they were exemplary. After dealing with them for about a month now, I can see why all the reviewers have given this agency 5 stars. Every step of the way was well organized,and we always knew exactly what was happening, and when. They were very professional and friendly at the first meeting, which lasted over an hour (free) and was VERY informative. The photo shoot was fun and she said she learned more in 90 minutes than she did in two years at [...]. The photos were phenomenal, by far the best and most professional photos we have ever seen of her. The proof review was a breeze and it was easy to choose the best ones for the portfolio. They gave us an estimate of the total, and the final price was actually a bit lower than the estimate (how often does that happen nowadays?). We were told that she'd be online within a week, and to our amazement, she was posted the same day (mucho gracias for that!). She was online less than 3 weeks when she got her first job (sportswear) and the money was exactly what we were told it would be. Their commission (20%) is very reasonable for all they do, and they do a lot! All in all, our homework paid off big time, and we definitely went with the right agency.

Gary O.

i am so very impressed with sunshine productions modeling agency - our daughter was accepted into their program recently and we received her portfolio today. the level of quality is like nothing i have ever seen anywhere else and we have been doing photo shoot of her since the day she was born. their professionalism, their courtesy and overall knowledge of the business blows away the competition. we are excited to have her with an agent we love and trust. all the expenses were gone over in detail several times and there were no unpleasant surprises like we had at a couple of other agencies that were nowhere near as well run. i am completely satisfied and would tell anyone who is interested in getting a modeling agent that sunshine is the way to go. five stars.


We arrived from Mumbai India without any idea how we should proceed in order to arrange modeling representation for our daughter. We contacted the Better Business Bureau and they referred us to this agency. We met with them personally and were quite impressed. All staff was entirely educated and most polite to us as we were not extremely experienced in this industry. We had a most beautiful portfolio set prepared and were so happy and proud to see her in those pictures looking very adult and beautiful, more so than ever in her past. It was not a difficult or intimidating process and we are very much pleased and thank you for wonderful services.

Dani M.

WOW - What can I say! Just have to add ours to all the other 5 star reviews. We picked up our daughters portfolio today, and I must say I am stunned. Almost speechless! Almost, as I told Mr. Sunshine I would go online and tell anyone that is interested in modeling what a great agent he is and how happy we are. We had a compcard done by a photographer who shall remain nameless, but it was very mediocre. I guess it didn't matter because it was good enough to get us a meeting at Sunshine, and we were so impressed with every aspect of this agency. So well organized and well run, they did such a great job getting her makeup arranged and the photos were unbelievable. She is only 15 but looked at least 18 in the photos (should I be worried about this? LOL), and she has NEVER looked so drop dead gorgeous. We can't wait to see her portfolio online, and get her started doing what she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. Thank you so much to Sunshine Prod. and Norm (& Steve) in particular, who made the whole process easy, informative and fun! Great job, guys!


To say I was somewhat skeptical of modeling agencies in general is a massive understatement. Our son went through [...] and [...] and all we got out of it was a slimmer bank account. They promised us that he would be seen by agencies, but to originally get our $$$ they implied that THEY were the agencies! Finally we got smart, looked in the yellow pages and online, and found Sunshine Productions. They have a perfect satisfaction record (5 stars on every site we saw them on) and since they have a spotless BBB record, we decided to give them a try, and are thrilled. They met with us, gave us a reasonable price on an amazing portfolio and got him online in no time. He's already gotten a job, and been on another audition (fingers crossed). They do exactly what they say they're going to, right on time and right on budget. I am super impressed - five happy stars! :)


My daughter modeled as a child in India and as a teenager in New York and we moved to Dallas three months ago. We tried to get her an agent in Dallas but she was too short (under 5' 6") for either of the agencies we found with the Texas Department of License and Regulation. We looked at their information and found that Sunshine Productions has been in business longer and has more models than any other agency in Texas, and more importantly to us, represented petites and had a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. We had a meeting that week, scheduled a photo shoot and ordered a portfolio. We were very happy with every aspect of this agency, and she got her first job before the portfolio was online a month! She is happy, and her father and I are happy that we didn't sign with another agency before finding Sunshine Prod. We would tell anyone to check them out - VERY SATISFIED

Bandira G.

My husband and I wanted to get our 16 year old daughter into modeling but we had a lot of skepticism going into it. We had met with two Dallas agencies and didn't like either one of them AT ALL and went to Sunshine Productions after we spoke to Steve on the phone and liked him right away. We met with him briefly, and then spoke with Norm Sunshine (owner of agency) for almost AN HOUR while he went over in detail everything we needed to know to make a decision whether or not to proceed with this project. We booked makeup with Faces at Parks Mall in Arlington and Brenda was the BEST - very professional and informative. The photo shoot was absolutely amazing - very organized and the photos were incredible. Every one of them looked like the magazine covers she dreams of one day being on! It was really hard to choose which ones to use, but Norm and Steve helped get it down to a managable and affordable number, and we could not be more pleased. I have read all the positive comments that others have about this agency, and I agree that Sunshine is definitely the best out there. Five stars, I wish I could give them ten!!!

Lauren G.

What a great agency! Just got my second job and everything went great - got more money then before and I already got asked back for next month. The portfolio is great and getting me work and made me look so good. I love the way they do everything for me and all I have to do is show up. They even took care of makeup and hair! love it!!!

Paula K.

Our daugher won a local pageant and part of the prize package was a free mini portfolio with Sunshine Productions. After meeting with them we decided to use the value of the prize ($200) toward a larger and more complete portfolio. We got the portfolio in mid April and were more than thrilled. We have never seen such gorgeous photos of her, and the process was well organized and made clear to parents who are all new at this. She had her first audition last week, and got the job! She is so thrilled and excited to finally be fulfilling her childhood dream and we are totally pleased with her agency. Kudos to Norm and Steve for making everything go smoothly and doing a great job. Five stars all day long :^)


i got tired of so many strangers coming up to me at the mall, baseball games, etc and asking me if i was a model so i called sunshine productions and they asked me to send in some photos but all i had was my senior pics but they said that was cool and i sent them in. they liked them and met with me in the beginning of march and i got a portfolio shot with them which looks totally amazing and i got my first comercial print job and it was great! i never thought it would happen so fast and i already made enough to pay for the photo shoot and more than half of my portfolio in the first job! i should have it totally paid for by the next job, which i already booked for may! i am really stoked and think the agency is doing a great job for me, i recomend them and think their great!!!!!

Tasha B.

We recently moved from CA to TX. My 14 yr old daughter had done some minor print work from ages 8yr to 12yr old. She got braces at that time and did not work during that time. In May, Em got her braces off and after the move in July, she decided that she wanted to get back into modeling--but a bit more seriously. I found Sunshine Productions on the internet, saw that they catered to the petite model, read the reviews on Yahoo! and decided to contact them to see if they were interested in meeting Em. Norm was very responsive, very positive and we set up a meeting with the whole family. He educated us all on the ins and outs of the business and it was a very pleasant meeting. We decided to proceed with the portfolio. The day of the portfolio shoot was a very educational day for Em. Norm was great at telling her what she needed to do, what would be expected of her at other shoots and kept everything positive. Em left feeling like she had really learned something valuable that she will use again and again. We just received her portfolio and it turned out stunning! He was able to capture the many different looks of Em in a very classy way. She is optimistic that she will be getting work soon. I have enjoyed working with Norm and Steve and would highly recommend Sunshine to anyone looking for a reputable agent.

Diane W.

This is my third agency (first in texas) and definitely the BEST! They got me work right away and I'm making more than double what I did in California. Very nice people to work with too


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