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Frequently Asked Questions

Modeling in Dallas / Fort Worth

We receive hundreds of questions from aspiring models and their parents. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What age models do you represent?

Our agency represents male and female models from age 4 and older. We represent kids, teens, young adults, and those up to age 50-plus.

How can I start modeling in North Texas?

To be evaluated by our agency, just email us and provide your name, date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and phone number. Attach a few recent snapshots to the email. (We prefer recent snapshots over professional photos taken many months or years earlier, and would like at least one shot to show a smile.) That's all there is to it! If we think you have the potential to do well in this industry, we will be in touch to schedule a free consultation.

Please note that we cannot communicate directly with models under 18. When submitting minors for consideration, provide the phone number and/or email address for a parent or legal guardian and indicate this person's name and relationship to the model.

What are the height and weight requirements for a fashion model?

Typically, female fashion models need to be 5'6" to 6' (runway models need to be at least 5'8" in height). They should be approximately a size 4, have measurements of 34-24-34, and be between 13 - 30 years of age.

Male fashion models are expected to be around 6', (a couple of inches over or under) and size 40R. Are there exceptions to this? You bet. But, no matter what size you are, you must be height-weight proportionate.

Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency does represent petite female models between 5'0" and 5'7" and has an extensive roster of petite models.

Generally speaking, a 5'6" female model should weigh approximately 120 lbs., and for every inch above or below that add or subtract about 5 pounds. For example, a 5'2" model would be in the vicinity of 100 lbs, and a 5'10" model would be in the vicinity of 140 lbs.

Male models should weigh approximately 20-25 lbs. more than female models at the same height, as described above. As an example, a 5’ 10” male model should weigh approximately 160-165 lbs. and for every inch above or below that add or subtract about 5 pounds.

Sunshine Productions is concerned about the health of our models and actively promotes healthy and proportional height /weight guidelines. Unfortunately, there is very little work available for plus size models, unless they're absolutely gorgeous.

Does Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency represent culturally diverse models?

Yes, we represent a spectrum of talent. We are pleased to represent models with a variety of backgrounds, including multicultural individuals, men and women of color, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, African-American, Asian, and other ethnic and cultural groups.

Are there jobs for models who specialize in just parts of the body?

With jewelry photography we look for good hands, nice neck, and ears. A good ear is very hard to find as they have to be shaped just right, the skin has to be very smooth, and you want them pierced for only one earring, not 25. Unfortunately, paying jobs for jewelry modeling seldom come along. Parts models follow similar career paths as regular models, but with significantly less opportunity for employment.

Why does Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency not represent infants?

Of all the different age demographics represented in the modeling industry, infant and young baby modeling is perhaps the most challenging. Babies under 6 months of age change so fast that their portfolios may not remain current looking long enough for us to effectively market them. Many clients don't even try to hire infants for commercial print jobs and just use stock images. There is very little modeling work in the North Texas market for infants. As they get older, opportunities continue to increase. Babies who did not get much work may do better once they enter the child demographic.

How much money do models make?

Out of all the models in the world, very few earn top dollar. These elite few may have a yearly income in the millions, but for most models it will be far less. For a fashion market like Dallas/Ft. Worth (the third largest in the country behind L.A. and N.Y.), models often earn between $50 and $150 an hour, before commission. Clients sometimes pay models by the outfit, and this averages between $300 and $500 per outfit. Sunshine Productions has a two hour or two outfit minimum. Beginning fashion models may work showrooms at a lesser rate of $100 - $250 per 8-hour day. Models working tradeshows and conventions usually earn between $250 - $500 per 8-hour day. As you move to larger markets and have better credits to your name, booking fees can go up. Several agencies in New York routinely ask $500 per hour.

Are there contracts between models and their modeling agency?

Texas is a Right to Work state, and does not allow exclusive contracts between models and agencies. On occasion for certain modeling work, an agreement may be drawn between the agency and the booking client wherein the model is listed as "talent." This is typically done with a first time client, when an agency wants to make sure there are no questions regarding the agency terms for hiring models. Once clients have worked with an agency a few times, contracts are not required. There are virtually never contracts between models and clients, or between models and agencies. When a model is represented by Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency, they do sign a Terms of Representation Agreement, which outlines all of our policies for working together.

Can parents accompany a model to a portfolio or job photo shoot?

This varies by the model’s age. We require at least one parent or legal guardian to be present during any photo shoot for models under 13 years of age. For models between 13 to 17, parents usually wait in an ante room adjacent to the photo studio. Parents are generally not in attendance for models over 18, but this varies from job to job, normally as a matter of client policy. We are a family owned and operated modeling agency, and pride ourselves on the appropriately wholesome types of jobs we book for our models.

Do I have to be gorgeous or extremely handsome to do well as a model?

We represent hundreds of models - some are drop dead gorgeous, some are beautiful/extremely handsome, some are pretty/handsome, and some are "boy/girl next door cute." Clients need a selection and to run an agency properly we need all kinds. What all models have in common are clear complexions, nice smiles, good physiques, pleasant features, and inviting looking personalities that translate from the page.

Remember, each client has a different standard. We've had instances where the same model was thought to be the most gorgeous creature on the planet by one client, and not considered at all by another. By providing a wide variety of beauty, we maximize our chances of getting the most amount of work for our models.

Do you guarantee that every model you represent will get jobs?

We are not in a position to give guarantees, because we do not make the final decision about which models are booked for jobs. Our job is promoting talent to the clients and they make the hiring decisions. The most frustrating things we encounter as an agency are two sides of the same coin; knowing that a particular model is perfect for a client who has no interest in him or her for no specific reason, and knowing the client has made an inappropriate choice of a model and won't consider picking a better candidate. For example, a beautiful model may be perfect for commercial print, but would be too shy to be sufficiently outgoing and friendly with strangers at a tradeshow.

Occasionally a client will select a model from our website and not realize that he or she is too young for the job. We do not allow models under the age of 18 to work shoots or events where alcohol is served or promoted. Much of the time, the amount of work a model is getting has as much to do with how versatile their portfolio looks as it does with how well they can stop traffic.

We always advise adult models to make sure that they earn enough money modeling to fully support themselves every month for six consecutive months before they even consider quitting an existing job and trying to model full time.

How do clients find your agency to hire models?

Thanks to the internet, the basic business model between clients and modeling agencies has changed. In the past, there was a great deal of face to face with clients. Now, clients often find us through a simple online search and book jobs for models using web portfolios, email, and phone.

Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency advertises and keeps an active online presence. Once clients find and work with us, our excellent models and outstanding customer service ensure that these clients are well served and keep coming back!

Can a modeling agency tell from a snap shot if I have what it takes to model?

A normal screening practice for modeling agencies is to have you send a couple of photographs of yourself, usually a head and shoulder shot and a full-length body shot in form fitting clothes. From these photos an agency should be able to tell if you have what it takes for modeling. This assumes that you email to the modeling agency good, clear, properly exposed, properly composed photographs with you properly positioned. If the agency sees a market for someone with your look, they might be interested in discussing representation.

When agents talk about a model sending a simple snap shot, they need a picture that is clear and well-focused and shows enough of the person. Modern cell phone cameras are capable of capturing an adequate photograph with proper lighting, if used correctly. Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency accepts photo submissions to our email directly at

Should I pursue modeling conventions and searches?

We cannot advise you specifically, but suggest that you review web sites carefully and visit chat rooms and evaluate what you find. In our experience, few top models come from local conventions and searches. Certainly, not everyone who enters modeling conventions or searches has the looks, height, weight, and style it takes to become a working model. When an event charges a substantial amount to participate, you might use that same investment to fly to New York, stay for a month, and do open calls at every top agency.

Does an agency charge a model for representation?

Modeling agencies do not charge for representation; they receive a commission against earnings when you are booked for a modeling job. This arrangement ensures that the agency will work actively to promote you.

In order for Sunshine Productions to represent you successfully, new models do have the upfront expense of 1) a professional-quality photo shoot, 2) preparation of an online portfolio, and 3) full copyright for all images included in the portfolio. We require recent, professional-quality photos in the portfolio; if you lack suitable pictures, we can arrange a shoot with an expert photographer.

Sunshine Productions helps models to select a cross-section of portfolio images that will impress clients. A model’s portfolio is similar to polished-looking head shots for actors and professional-quality audio recordings for voice-over artists.

Why is everyone giving different advice on modeling?

A factor that leads to different views on the industry is that we are all business people - each one running their own business in their own way, and hopefully better than the competition. This leads to a lot of different ideas of how things work and how things should be done. Try to educate yourself on the many parts of the modeling industry, so you can choose the agency that's the right fit for you. Reasons why to choose Sunshine Productions Modeling Agency.

Modeling can be a great option if you have a great look, a great personality, and a great work ethic. The money can be fantastic the people are fun and interesting, and the opportunity to travel and experience the world is there for the taking.

So, put a smile on your face, stand up tall and GO FOR IT!

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