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Wardrobe Checklist

Clothing to Bring for Your Portfolio Photo Shoot

A strong modeling portfolio includes a cross-section of outfits, footwear, and props. Pick styles that flatter your figure or physique. Consider these wardrobe categories:

  • Gals: evening gowns (full-length), cocktail attire (varying lengths), bridal gowns, and event dresses.
  • Guys: suit with selection of neckties, a tux, button-down shirts, nice slacks, sport coat.
  • Gals: casual and summery dresses of any length and neckline; skirt/top combinations are OK, but not preferred.
  • Guys: long-sleeved collared shirts, short-sleeved collared polos, dress jeans, khakis.
  • Gals: casual tops (NO see-through), T-shirts (can include fun messages that reveal your personality, but no offensive language), shorts, jeans, khakis, and skirts.
  • Guys: athletic logo T-shirts, tank tops, khakis, dockers, distressed jeans, and shorts.
  • Workout clothes, bicycle Shorts (NO thongs), yoga pants and tops, a sport team uniform.
Swimwear (optional)
  • Bathing suit, NO thongs, NO see-through
  • Remember to bring appropriate footwear choices.
Props to add visual interest
  • Sporting equipment, musical instruments, hobby item, uniform, costume
What NOT to wear
  • NO micro-speedos, thongs, or overly revealing clothing items.
  • NO perfume or scented products, as a courtesy to those who may be allergic.

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